Vaccines for Catoosa Educators and More

CATOOSA COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Catoosa County is getting ready to administer vaccines to school staff.

 Around 14 thousand Covid vaccine doses have been administered in Catoosa County.

 “We’re starting to see the amount of vaccine that we’re getting from the state strait if to be ramped up slowly” said Public Information Officer John Pless.

 Shots are assigned for each appointment made in the Colonnade call center.

 No dose is wasted.

 “We have had a few no shows but percentage wise it’s extremely small compared to the total number” said Pless. “In that event we have list where we call people and we say we’ve had some no shows today. We’ve got an extra dose. How quick can can you get down here and get it?”

Catoosa County educators are scheduled to receive their vaccine March 8th. News 12 asked the superintendent about the rollout plan.

 “Primary health care will actually go to each school and distribute the vaccine there on campus so that our teachers have to leave the building” said Superintendent Denia Reese. Nor’ do they have to go to a place after school.”

 Georgia health and government leaders believe Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine will speed up the process, allowing more people to be eligible.

 “I think The Johnson and Johnson vaccine will really help all of us in the state” said Commissioner of The Georgia Department of Public Health Dr. Kathleen Toomey. “I’m Particularly looking forward to using it for teachers because one shot, they’re done and can go back into the classroom.”

 More than 900 school staff members have signed up for the March 8th vaccine appointments.

 Vaccine info link: ­

Colonnade Hotline: 423-800-8004

Health Department hotline: 706-406-2000

Volunteer Line: 423-413-8569 (ask for Meghan Trusley)


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