Valoria Armstrong: Making Black History in the Present Day

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Singer Usher Raymond isn’t the only native putting Chattanooga on the map there are plenty of everyday people making their mark right here at home.

Daphne Kirksey says, “It’s interesting to have a female boss.”

She is talking about Valoria Armstrong.

Armstrong is the first African American female president of the multi-million dollar company, Tennessee American Water.

Daphne Kirksey stated, “It’s really interesting you know she came from an HR background and like she said she never envisioned herself doing something like this but she is the type of a person that is willing to grow, willing to learn, willing to seek out resources and what ever she might want to grow into I believe she is more than capable of.”

Being a minority, not only as a woman, but as an African-American she has faced many challenges along the way.

Breaking down barriers, she contributes her success not only to the diverse atmosphere Tennessee American water provides, but her own hard work and drive.

Valoria Armstrong stated, “To begin to break beyond that that glass ceiling really requires for you to surround yourself with people that support you mentors that potentially that don’t look like you , but they believe in the talents that you have and so for me it’s just been an opportunity to open doors that may not have been open for me otherwise.”

” One of the things that I really enjoy doing is being a mentor for young women, young ladies in the area wherever I can just so I can set an example…I feel like that the baton in a way has been passed on to me, “said Armstrong.

“We learn how they distribute water to the community and how we should keep it clean and how they keep it clean.”

“Sometimes you know people say that women can’t do everything men can do but seeing another person in that position helps us know that as even as women we can still do things like men.”

Valoria Armstrong: “I just want young girls to feel empowered to be able to do whatever it is that they want to do and to know no matter what the challenge is that there is a way that there is a path to be able to get around that and to still be as successful as they want to be and to not limit themselves.”

Armstrong says she plans to stay with Tennessee American Water for some time.

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