Four suspects arrested after officer involved shooting in North Georgia

VARNELL, Ga. (WDEF) – A Varnell Police Officer is on administrative leave after shots were fired during a pursuit that followed an alleged shoplifting incident at a Varnell Circle K Store.

Officer Scott Swilley will be given the mandatory administrative leave as standard protocol for this type of incident.

The Varnell Police Department received a call from a Circle K Store clerk around 5 a.m. regarding a shoplifting incident. Upon Officer Swilley’s arrival, the suspected vehicle, described by the store clerk, was still on the scene located near the fuel pumps.

Before the officer could make contact with the suspect, the vehicle started to leave the premises. Officer Swilley activated his police vehicle’s blue lights in an attempt to make an investigatory stop due to the alleged shoplifting complaint. The vehicle initially proceeded to stop and yield to the blue lights, but sped away in an attempt to flee on Georgia State Route 71 towards Cohutta before Officer Swilley was able to get out of his patrol vehicle.

The Varnell Police Officer activated his siren and lights once again, and began chasing the fleeing vehicle. Trying to further escape Officer Swilley, the suspect vehicle continued into Cohutta city limits in order to take curves and county roads. The suspect failed to yield to railroad crossing and jumped the tracks going airborne, but managed to regain control before going airborne a second time at a further railroad crossing.

Proceeding towards State Route 71, the suspect vehicle made an sharp right U-Turn in from of Officer Swilley’s lane of travel, resulting in the officer’s vehicle to strike the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect quickly regained control and continued the speed chase back towards Varnell.

Prior to reaching Varnell, the suspect recklessly turned into the StoneGate subdivision reaching a dead end. Officer Swilley attempted to block in the vehicle before the suspect struck the officer’s car. The officer proceeded to step out of the patrol vehicle for a felony stop and drew his weapon while giving the vehicle occupants numerous commands to surrender.

At this time, the suspect decided to use his vehicle as a weapon against Officer Swilley in an attempt to escape again. The vehicle came within inches of striking the Varnell officer, and in fear for his life, Officer Scott Swilley discharged his service firearm towards the vehicle driver’s compartment, but the suspect vehicle was able to flee the scene and escape the officer’s sight.

Continuing contact with dispatch, Officer Swilley made them aware of the shots fired and visual loss of the suspect vehicle. Moments later, Varnell PD was notified that the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office had gained sight of the vehicle and continued the felony chase.With the help of numerous local police agencies, the pursuit was terminated inside the city limits of Tunnerl Hill using the PIT maneuver.

Two males and two females were taken into custody as suspects, and Whitfield EMS was contacted to aid the driver of the suspect vehicle and occupants. The suspects were taken into custody by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, and warrants are pending from the Varnell Police Department.

As per department policy, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested to ensure all checks and balances are followed as required by Georgia law.

The driver was later identified as Aaron Patrick Brumlow, who is on state felony probation in the State of Tennessee. There are numerous felony charges pending against Mr. Brumlow and misdemeanor charges are pending against one of the female occupants.

The Varnell PD is unsure if there are any charges pending from other agencies, including the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office who terminated the felony chase pursuit via PIT manuever after coming from Catoosa back into Whitfield.

This is the entire post from the police department that was posted on their Facebook page:

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