Veteran flies American flag while skydiving to honor Military and Veterans this 4th of July

JASPER, Tennessee (WDEF)- “These jumps make me excited to be out here, even after 10,000 jumps. These are the jumps I look forward to, when I can go out and do something for someone else and today is that day,” said Jenkins.

Michael Jenkins served in the Army and is now a skydiver at the Chattanooga Skydiving Company.

He has completed 10,000 jumps. But today, for the 4th of July, he flew his 1500 square foot American flag to honor those who serve and have served.

“This is a holiday we need to reflect back on and all the sacrifices that I made to get us to this point,” said Jenkins.

He said it’s an honor for him to fly the flag and think of those who make are freedoms possible.

“Anytime I can jump, all glory and air out and show her to everybody. Maybe, just that one person that sees it and it moves and touches (them,)” said Jenkins.

He said he had the flag custom made and when he gave the size he wanted, people didn’t believe him.

He was surprised I want one that big, and I’m like yes that’s exactly what I want you read that correctly. Yes, that’s exactly what I want.

A personal moment for me.  Jenkins was actually the person who I skydived with last year on the Fourth of July, so it all comes full circle.

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