Veteran Suicide Documentary Needs More Ticket Buyers Before it Can be Shown in Chattanooga

        Local Veteran Kevin Walker was excited to bring a documentary made by a friend he served with in the Army to Chattanooga.
        It’s called Project 22, and it addresses the issues veterans face when they come home, and why so many suffer with PTSD, and commit suicide without getting the help they need.
        Walker says he still has PTSD symptoms even thought it’s been 10 years since he’s served.
        "I still sit facing the door pretty much anywhere I go.  You constantly screen for the fastest way out."
        That’s why he wants to screen a documentary, made by his friend and fellow medic in the war, Matt King, called Project 22. That’s the average number of veterans that kill themselves everyday.
        Initiatives by the white house and veterans affairs offers hotlines and free counseling to veterans, but Walker says many are still not getting the help they need.
        "You’re always told that you can go to therapy, you should got to therapy for any issue you have but it’s also engrained in us that we’ll be made fun of or overlooked and it is what it is.  It’s a military culture," Walker said.
        He believes this documentary can help veterans and their loved ones learn that they’re not alone, and that healing help is available.
        "I lost a lot of friends when we were over there and there and there’s no reason to lose more when we get back home," Walker said.
        However, if he doesn’t sell enough tickets by next Wednesday, The Carmike Majestic theatre downtown wont be able to show it as they’ve agreed to.
        The have to sell at least 69 tickets, and they’ve only sold 12.
        To buy tickets, visit:
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