Victim Testifies in Day Two of Finley Rape Trial

     A woman describes to a jury what happened the night she says Devontavious Bryant and another man raped her.
     When she was running near Finley Stadium she says the other man Deacon Williams grabbed her and stole her mp3 player.
        She says Bryant grabbed her when she tried to run.
        "The one in the yellow came and grabbed me around with his arm and he kind of picked me up. The other one did not pick me up it was just like this and that and he picked me up off the ground, and I passed out, and I’m not 100 percent sure what happened, but I came to, and kind of realized what was going on. I was on the embankment that was right there"
     She described how both men raped her, then left her there.
        Defense attorney Jonathan Weiss suggested the victim wasn’t given a proper line up when she identified Bryant two years ago.
        So ,he showed it to her again and she quickly picked out Bryant’s mug shot as the one that raped her.
     Bryant admitted to wearing the yellow jacket earlier that morning at City Café in an interrogation video, but says he wasn’t there for the attack that happened minutes later.
        The jury also watched surveillance video from the Chattanooga Convention Center that shows the victim jogging down Carter Street, then two men on bikes following several seconds later.
        Evidence also showed condoms and a cell phone found on the scene.
        A woman testified that was the phone she gave to Bryant just days before the attack.
       The defense will start presenting its case Thursday morning.
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