Video goes viral of church members playing piano that survived the tornado

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A church in East Brainerd on Igou Gap Road lost its sanctuary in the tornado Sunday night.

But that’s not stopping members of the church from enjoying the sweet sounds of music.

At Cornerstone Church, the church’s piano remained unscathed in the middle of all the damage.

Dozens of people were seen cleaning up the area Monday.

But even though the community came to help the church, Pastor Raymond Sloan says that the church is still there for the community.

Pastor Raymond Sloan tells us “We’re still giving to the community. As a church, we have a place set up to where we’re giving out water, food, we’ve got cleaning supplies. We’re trying to give back to the community because we have a ton of houses that are without power, needs they have. We’re praying for them, but we’re also giving slices of pizza to them or buckets of cleaning supplies or things for them to use at home. So, we’re receiving, and then we are taking what we have to help others around us to make sure that they have what they need as well.”

The video went viral of members playing and singing the day after the storm.

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