Volkswagen Announces New Pay Rate and Bonuses

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Volkswagen Chattanooga is growing, and sharing that growth with their employees.

Volkswagen’s growth means more money for local workers in Chattanooga… and future V-W employees.

“We’re dedicated to building careers and we also see ourselves as being pioneers at compensation and benefits in our region” said President and C.E.O. Tom du Plessis.

All production and maintenance team members will receive a $1.50 increase to their base pay.

So the starting production team will jump to $17.50.

For maintenance workers, the increase to $25.20.

Plessis says the idea is for the company to become more attractive for future employees, “We hope this will help recruitment for new team members, and we will continue to grow here in Tennessee.”

Employees will also be given a 16% bonus starting February 28th, “So development in response to the employee’s feedback bonuses will now be based on basically two things; What we call attendance and work place conduct.”

Plessis says the new bonus system puts workers in the driver seat. The power to keep or lose their 16% percent bonus is based on their job performance.

With overtime, bonuses and other allowances, production staff have an earning potential of $46 an hour.

For maintenance workers, up to $58 dollars.

In order to increase the demand for their vehicles, V-W Chattanooga is now altering schedules.

With the majority of maintenance employees working five days a week oppose to four.

V-W says these changes were made after considering employee feedback.

Volkswagen management is currently in the process of hiring for new positions but expect an announcement on a recruiting system March.

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