Volkswagen Sticking With Muller, Hire North American Head

BERLIN (WDEF) – Volkswagen directors are sticking with their embattled CEO after the Public Relations drubbing he took in the United States last week.

A meeting of top company officials in Germany on Tuesday concluded that they never considered dumping Matthias Muller over the trip.

Last week, he told an NPR interviewer that VW didn’t lie about the emissions issues.

But he had to schedule a second interview to correct and apologize for his statements.

Critics also accuse him of worsening relations with U.S. regulators last week.

By the time he arrived at the Chattanooga plant, the media wasn’t invited to attend.

The directors on Tuesday did pick a new head of North American activities.


The directors did announce that they have hired a new head of North American business.

Hinrich Woebcken will be Michael Horn’s boss, who runs the U.S. & Chattanooga operations.

Woebcken comes over from BMW AG.

He replaces Winfried Vahland, who quit after just three weeks.


The personnel decisions come after another string of bad news over the emissions scandal.

South Korea announced they will file criminal charges against Volkswagen’s management there over the emissions issue.

Volkswagen stock holders plan to file a lawsuit against the company for the drop in stock value.

And so far, U.S. regulators have refused to approve any emissions recalls here.

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