Volkswagen “What Fuels You” road trip series closes in Chattanooga, promoting EV travel

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) –  There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the Volkswagen’s new ID.4.

To promote the ease and environmental sustainability of driving an EV, filmmaker Erika Goldsorf hit the road in the vehicle for a road trip series.

Erika Goldsorf is a known film maker, with a passion for showcasing companies and individuals’ efforts towards sustainability. She has teamed up with Volkswagen to promote their new ID.4 all electric vehicle.

Goldsorf is a first time EV driver. In her series she highlights the ease of traveling in an EV while promoting community environmental under takings. When asked what a first timer electric vehicle driver should expect when making charging stops on a road trip, she said planning ahead using charging locator phone apps is key.

“The main thing is just you have to think ahead. So, we’re used to having gas stations every, you know, corner or whatever. Here, you’re like, Oh, I’m gonna stop at this next one here or there you can choose, but I like that’s gonna be my stop. And so it’s just a little bit of planning that I just do for my phone,” said Goldsorf

Goldsorf said she embarked on this EV journey to promote sustainable travel.

“I wanted to show how electrification transportation can really be something that we can control with wanting to take climate action. Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation is one of the leading causes of climate change. And it’s something that we can do to help. And so that’s the big focus is driving an electric vehicle,” said Goldsorf. “But, also I go to communities like I’ve been doing here in Chattanooga, and I talk to local people doing great things for the community, and for nature. It’s just so much fun. I always feel inspired after talking to people, because when you look at the world nowadays, it’s pretty stressful. There’s lots going on, and it seems overwhelming. And what’s the point of doing anything, because it’s all so harsh out there. And then you go into town here like in Chattanooga today, and you talk to some organizations that are working with youth and that are working with nature trails, and you just get inspired because it really does come down to each of us doing something a little bit to help our own backyard.”

It is the 2021 model of the ID.4 that’s currently being used on the “What Fuels You” road trip series. It gets roughly 240 miles per charge. To see more of the “What Fuels You” series you can look up What Fuels You USA on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

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