Vols Coach Rick Barnes Recalls Kobe Bryant in High School

The basketball world continues to mourn the loss of Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant, including Vols coach Rick Barnes. Barnes never met Kobe, but he did see him at an AAU tournament in high school.

Said Barnes:”Then all at once there’s a break here. I’m looking down at the other end, and I see a guy playing. I just get up and go down because this guy is putting on a show. When Frank came back he said coach, did you watch that game? I said no, I’m watching this kid. I said if you get me that kid, we’ll win the national championship. He was without question the greatest high school player I’ve ever watched since I’ve been in coaching. And then today I get a call that our guys want to wear purple show laces tomorrow night. So it shows you the impact that a guy like Kobe Bryant can have.”

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