Vols D.A.T. Slogan Fits Defensive Plans Against Georgia Tech’s Option Offense

Nobody loves coach speak like the Vols Butch Jones.
He came up with a slogan or acronym for this season called D.A.T.
It stands for Details, Accountability, and Toughness.
D.A.T. slogan is plastered all around the Vols football facilities.
Defensive coordinator Bob Shoop says D.A.T. is the perfect motto for his defense in what it takes to defend Georgia Tech’s vaunted option attack in the Vols season opener.
Said Shoop:”The theme of the season has been details, accountability, and toughness. Those are things that are required to beat these guys. From day one, whether it was in the spring, or whether it was in the summer, whether it was in camp, or whether it’s now as we get into game week, the guys have really been consistent. You know one guy gets just slightly out of position. Or against another operation it would be a three to five yard gain. Against these guys it can be a significant chunk play.”

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