Vols Looking to Bump Energy and Fun Following Three Game Slide

Been a tough week for the Tennessee football team.
An upset loss to South Carolina.
The departure of their leading rusher in Jalen Hurd.
And yet, the Vols still have an outside shot to win the SEC East if they can make it a November to remember.
With Tennessee mired in a three game losing streak, it’s time for some coach speak from Butch Jones.
Said Jones:”The road to success is always under construction. There are things here. There are things there, and it takes awhile to build a successful program that can stand the test of time.”
Reporter:”Losing to South Carolina and then getting beat soundly by Alabama, has that shaken this team’s confidence at all?”
Said defensive back Todd Kelly, Jr:”No I don’t think it has shaken us at all. I think we know what we are capable of. We know what Tennessee football is about. When we played in those games, we didn’t play Tennessee football.”
To play Tennessee football, Jones has changed up practice.
Said Jones:”We didn’t practice with music. We had a quiet practice yesterday. You would be amazed at some of the players. There like where is the music coach? What’s going on? Trying to work on their focus.”
But one player hoping to make some noise is running back John Kelly, who will replace the departed Jalen Hurd.
Said offensive lineman Brett Kendrick:”I’ve never seen anyone run as angry as John Kelly. He got up with crazy legs. Got up running off the ground a couple of times at A&M. I don’t know. He’s just. He’s unlike anybody I’ve ever seen before. He’s fun though. He’s fun to block for.”
Coach Jones wants his team to have more fun, and he would like to see them express that fun as well.
Said Jones:”The effects of chest bumps. High fives. All of those things. The teams. There has been a study by the Wall Street Journal and the number of teams. They chart the number of chest bumps, high fives, the number of touches they have. And that’s direct correlation into team chemistry. It’s direct correlation to excitement and energy and passion.”

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