Volunteers in the Christmas Spirit

Hundreds of toys sit in the room waiting to go home with dozens of kids.

Kids didn’t struggle to find the right gift for themselves.

Volunteers say it’s better to give than to receive.

Aaron Schwartz who has volunteered fifteen  years in  a row says,”I enjoy getting to help out here and helping the kids find some toys. And have a good time.”

No child went unnoticed thanks to the charitable efforts of Aaron and other volunteers.

“It lets the kids know that there are people that care about them. Even if they don’t get presents from Santa Claus, there are still people that can help them and give them toys and bring them joy.”

He says he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“It can be a sacrifice but it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice because it is something that I enjoy to do. It gives us an opportunity to help out in our community. Help kids have a Christmas that they might not have other wise.”

Seeing kids excited during the holidays is the main reason why he keeps coming back.

“The smile on the kids faces, I would say is the best reason to do it”


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