Commission votes Wednesday on proposed tax increase resolution

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Commission will vote on a proposed tax increase resolution tomorrow.

Commissioner Tim Boyd has asked for support of his proposal requiring future Commissions to vote twice for every issue that results in a tax increase.

He says a two-vote procedure is being used by many other taxing entities, such as the City of Chattanooga, and that a change in policy would give the public time to react to a tax increase.

The proposal follows last month’s approval by County Mayor Jim Coppinger and the Commission to adjust the millage rate in Hamilton County after a recent re-assessment that raises taxes based on the increased value of individual properties.

According to Boyd, this was the first time the County Commission has voted to raise property taxes in a decade.

Boyd believes that the new plan would ultimately benefit residents by giving them a voice of opinion.

“I wouldn’t suspect a Commissioner would change his vote between a first reading and a second reading, if they are totally convinced on the first reading to vote for the property tax. It just basically gives the public a little more time for their input to determine why their Commissioner and/or their County Mayor is proposing a tax increase, and if they are in favor of it or not.”

If the proposal is passed tomorrow, the two-vote resolution would have no impact on the tax increase previously approved for county residents.

Tim Boyd was the only Commissioner to vote against the 2018 budget proposal, which included the increase.

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