Wacker and Bradley County EMA address leak

CHARLESTON, Tenn. (WDEF) – Wacker and Bradley County Emergency Management Agency address the media in a press conference after what they say was an explosion and Chlorosilane leak at the plant Thursday afternoon.

Wacker Charleston site manager Mary Beth Hudson said, “We are going to take the time necessary to understand what actions what incidents caused this explosion and caused the chemical release so we will fully investigate the incident”.

Two people on site were taken to the hospital as a result of the incident. An employee who had minor injuries and health issues, and a firefighter who was over heated.

At least 6 residents were taken and released from the hospital. 4 sheriff’s deputies were also taken to the hospital to be monitored.

Hudson said, “We have on site monitoring equipment that monitors the air quality. As well as we have a portable GC that is used to monitor the air quality in the surrounding area and we were continuously monitoring the air quality ensuring that we were not having any chemicals released off site”.

The explosion and leak shut down Bradley County schools Friday.

On Thursday, it caused a highway to shut down and people in the area were advised to stay inside and turn off AC.

Some received notices through a text by the Bradley County EMA emergency notification system.

Bradley County EMA PIO Lindsay Hathcock said, “Precautions were taken and again it was never at a level that put anyone in the community at risk”.

Operations at the plant have stopped. No word on when exactly they’ll resume.

TOSHA is investigating what caused the problem. They’re also investigating another incident that happened at the plant last week.

Wacker officals say the two incidents are unrelated.

*Photos by Heather Scroggins

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