Walden Prepares for the Grocery Store Vote

WALDEN, Tenn.(WDEF)- The controversial proposal to bring a grocery store on the town of Walden will likely draw a hefty opposition of local residents to Town Hall next Tuesday night. Many there hope they can stop approval on the second and final vote.

Sallie Ford, who lives on Signal Mountain, but not in Walden, is one of the opposition leaders.

Sallie Ford of Signal Mountain said, “We’re not just opposed to the development, we are actually in favor of the town board of Walden denying this proposal, pausing so that they can obtain professional and community leaders to develop a land use plan. That would then set all processes for future development.”

Chattanooga attorney John Anderson owns the 15-acre tract at Taft Highway and Timesville Road. He says the proposed project would include a 43-thousand square foot grocery store that could develop into a town center. But residents of the area are still working to stop the effort.

” The other issues why we have been opposed to this development is because it sets a precedent and disregards the rule to that zoning. So it sets a precedent for more large commercial development. “, said Ford.

But Mayor William Trohanis, who voted with Alderwoman Sarah McKenzie to go ahead, says progress is inevitable.

A quote the Mayor of Walden, William Trohanis, regarding the importance of the project, “If it didn’t happen at this location, which has been designated as a commercial space for the town of Walden, it would move to the county which is one point six miles away, and that tax revenue would be lost to our community.”

“In the meantime, people in the community continue to have discussions and continue to have meetings and activities. And this is not over by any stretch. “, said Ford, who doesn’t plan to give up on her opposition any time soon.

The second and final voting session takes places at Walden Town Hall on Tuesday, October 29th.


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