Walk Off Winners Always Worth Celebrating For Chattanooga Lookouts

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Last year the Chattanooga Lookouts won a share of the Southern League title on a walk-off home run.
Walk off winners might be the greatest scene in baseball, and the Lookouts have already enjoyed a few more this season.

Said Lookouts manager Tommy Watkins:”Anything goes on a walk-off these days.”
And Watkins is not kidding.
Tanner English found out when he delivered a walk-off winner in April.
Said English:”I know I got sunflower seeds thrown at me. Cups of water thrown on me, and when I was doing my interview after the game, there was the water bucket. Everyone is always messing with you. Pulling jersey out. Your helmet is one the ground.”
And at some point, the water bucket makes an appearance on a walk-off.
Said English:”My head is on a swivel watching out for the water bucket.”
Brent Rooker got the Gatorade bath after hitting a grand slam walk-off winner in May.
Said Rooker:”Coming around third I kind of saw Zander (Weil) grab the water cooler. Jump over the rail there and head towards home plate. So I figured I would probably get doused with a nice bath as I came across home for sure.”
Said Watkins:”It was funny last year we walked somebody off. One of our guys grabbed a bucket of gum, and he threw it on the guy. I was like what are you doing? You know what I mean. They have people to pick it up. Now you’ve got to clean it up. So he sat there and cleaned it up afterwards.”
Sometimes walk-offs can be a little dangerous.
Said Rooker:”Those dog piles get pretty painful too, especially if you wind up on the bottom of them. I had a walk-off homer in college last year and ended up without a shirt, so that tends to happen too. Just kind of a bunch of guys. When you have good chemistry, fun things tend to happen.”
Sheer Shirtless joy. Players will take it every time for a walk off winner.
Said English:”It definitely makes you feel like a kid again. That’s probably how we act when it happens. That’s the fun of it.”

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