Walker County trying to draw outdoor enthusiasts

LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – Walker county is stepping up its efforts to attract tourists.

The Walker county Chamber of commerce is calling its new campaign, “Walker Rocks.”

You can expect to hear a lot more about it in the next few months.

You’ve heard of “stay-cations” which means looking for things close to home to do during time off.

Many states and communities don’t offer much in the way of outdoor adventures…but Walker County Georgia does.

Until now, there was no coordinated effort to promote all the varied attractions.

Now there is..and its called Walker Rocks.

Economic Development Director Robert Wardlow says “A LOT of us locally..we know about it. But people outside of Walker county ..a lot of people don’t know ….all the exciting outdoors uh adventures that we have here.”

It’s a benefit for people looking for exciting things to do…and also for the local economy.

Chamber President Lacey Wilson says “We’re hoping that as we put this initiative forward…that we are able to not only increase sales tax revenue from visitors who are coming into the county but also to create additional jobs as well.”

Lacey Wilson and the Chamber of Commerce is working with individuals and companies to create new attractions.
The city of Lafayette is on board.

JASON SHATTUCK, DIR. PARKS AND REC., LAFAYETTE “we started a Lafayette outdoor adventures program where we’re wanting to promote outdoor recreation–paddleboarding, kayaking, mountain climbing and rock climbing.”

Wilson adds “this is just a starting point right now ..our long-term plans are to partner with service providers and lodging facilities to be able to offer discounts through this Walker Rocks initiative.”

ROBERT WARDLOW “..So we’re making it available to the world..we’re rolling out the red carpet…saying ‘come play!’.

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