Walker County’s Beth O’Neil wins Golden Apple Award

Grade school is full of difficult lessons…

But a group of Walker County students say their teacher helps them understand.

Beth O’Neil is this week’s Golden Apple Award Winner…

Walk into Beth O’Neil’s Stone Creek Elementary classroom, and the lessons are hands on…

Ryan McGill and his classmates say it helps them understand, "She just tries to help us figure out the problems."

For the second year teacher helping her kids "get it" is half the fun, "Seeing that light bulb go off. Whenever you go over to a table and there may be that one child who maybe isn’t seeing it. Then when you come over and just kinda have that personal moment and you…just the light bulb goes off and that is so rewarding to me each and every day."

4th Grader Rachel Atchley says, "She understands us and she helps us with all of our things."

Ryan and Rachel aren’t alone… Principal Brandon Mosgrove has five letters from last year’s students saying Ms. O’Neil is Golden Apple worthy…

Mosgrove reads from Shelby Sims’ Golden Apple nomination letter, "She has cool unique ways to teach us."

Anijah Smith’s says, "Everyone loves her and everyone respects her."

Mosgrove says O’Neil is an asset to the school and administrators agree.

They say the recognition from her students is a true representation of how O’Neil teaches and relates to her kids.

O’Neil says, "It’s just nice to know you can be there for them."

O’Neil says her classroom is a community where her students can learn and grow… and this is just the start of what they can achieve, "You can do better. You can push yourself. You can be successful. You can get that diploma. You can go to college. You can be where I am in several years, you just have to work hard."

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