Walker Valley football 30 in 30

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF)- “No joke I woke up at 5 AM this morning just thinking about different schemes that we’ve been talking about and how we can do things differently. Try to develop more as coaches and give our kids the best opportunity to be successful,” said Akins.

Walker Valley Head coach Drew Akins is constantly thinking about ways to put his players in a place to succeed. One of the focuses will be on new quarterback Evan Schwarzl.

“He is really developed over the last year. Understands the office. Understands what we’re trying to do. Throws a really good ball, we’re excited about him and his athleticism and what he brings to the table,” said Akins.

“Definitely just showing love for Evan, Evan’s a great quarterback. He’s got a good arm and he’s got the ability to make the right decisions and honestly, he’s a great quarterback and I think he’s gonna do really good this year,” said Gibson.

Akins said this team is full of a special group of high charter guys that have come together in a meaningful way.

“This teams got a different attitude about them. They got really great character. Really fun to be around, funny, have some personality and they really have great chemistry,” said Akins.

“I think just working hard every day doing everything we can to get better one percent every day,” said Gibson.

Jackson Gibson says there will be a lot of pressure on the seniors to have a successful season, but the team can rise up and meet the pressure head-on.

“I think we’re gonna do good under pressure. I think the senior class is going to do good under pressure. I think we got some good leaders and I think we’re gonna do really good this year,” said Gibson.

“We have all the pieces, I’ve had a lot of people ask me how are we gonna be this year. I think we have all the pieces

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