UPDATE: Bridge work on State Route 299 over I-24 continues after delay

WILDWOOD, Ga. (WDEF) — The bridge replacement on Georgia State Route 299 over Interstate 24 was not completed on schedule.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s website, State Route 299 was scheduled to reopen between 4 am and 5 am on Monday morning.

At daybreak Monday, the Department of Transportation’s live stream camera showed the second half of the bridge had not yet been moved into place.

A timelapse shows the second half of the bridge started to move into place, then reversed itself back out. Later in the afternoon, the live stream showed the piece sliding into place.

Dade County Commission Chairman Ted Rumley told News 12 that the machine moving the bridge into place is guided by GPS satellite.

According to Rumley who has spoken with the company working on the project, the satellite began moving the bridge into place when a cable in the satellite link went bad, causing the machine to move it back out again.

Rumley said that once the cable had been repaired, the GPS satellite could then guide it into its proper place.

The construction company in charge of the project will absorb the cost of the delay due to bad cable, according to Rumley.

GDOT says they are working on a new timeline for completing the bridge replacement, but says that on and off ramps from eastbound I-24 are open.

A link to the live stream on the Georgia Department of Transportation’s website is below.

If you have trouble viewing the livestream above, watch it here. (Scroll down the page, click on the camera image to load both views)

WILDWOOD, Georgia (WDEF) – Georgia DOT crews will replace a bridge in Dade County beginning Friday night that will cause detours on I 24.

And they plan to finish the job in just 56 hours (Friday 9PM – Monday 5AM)

The bridge is State Route 299 over I-24 at Wildwood.

This will be the first time that Georgia DOT is using a new building method called Accelerated Bridge Construction.

“Taking care of our bridges is a high priority within the Department,” says Andrew Hoenig, Georgia DOT Senior Project Manager. “Being able to replace a bridge in an accelerated timeframe allows us to apply industry innovation and complete the construction much sooner than a standard bridge reconstruction.”

Details on the planned work schedule, lane shifts and detour/detour maps are:

(Note: All times are approximate based on the current schedule. Exact hours are subject to change.)
� On Thursday, May 11 starting at 9 p.m., I-24 eastbound traffic will begin utilizing the median crossover within the project limits. Once crossover is complete, all four I-24 lanes will travel under the westbound bridge span. (Work on the I-24 eastbound bridge span will start Friday, May 12 at 9 p.m.)

� On Saturday, May 13 between 10 – 11 a.m., eastbound traffic will be switched from the I-24 median crossover back to the regular I-24 eastbound lane configuration. I-24 westbound traffic will then be switched into the I-24 median crossover, and all four I-24 lanes will travel under the eastbound bridge span.

� On Sunday, May 14 between 2 – 3 a.m., I-24 westbound traffic will be switched back to the regular I-24 westbound lane configuration.

� On Monday, May 15 between 4 – 5 a.m., the SR 299 bridge will be opened to traffic.

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