Welcome to our first report from The Masters this week

AUGUSTA, Georgia (WDEF)- Hi everybody and welcome to The Masters Life. I’m your host Mike Anthony and I’ll be at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia all week, taking you behind the scenes of the most prestigious tournament in the world.

And why do I say it’s the most prestigious? Well, of golf’s four major championships, the Masters is the only one played on the same course each and every season. That means the fans tuning in have seen all the big shots.

They know that their heroes know what they have to do if they’re going to put on that green jacket. And for the players, they know the grounds. They know the shots they have to make. They know when they have to take a risk if they want to be the champion.

And speaking of champions, here are some guys I think could be wearing that green jacket come Sunday. I think the first name you have to go to is Tiger Woods. I know he hasn’t won in five years and he hasn’t won a major in 10 years. But his back is finally healthy. He’s been in contention. He knows the course as well as anyone. And he knows how to take control on a Sunday with all those Sunday roars behind him.

Then you look at the young guns like Dustin Johnson – the favorite last season before he was injured. Justin Thomas, who is playing some of the best and most consistent golf in the world. There’s Jordan Spieth, who’s got one green jacket and you know he would like to get another.

There are the lefties – Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson. Between them, they’ve got five green jackets.

But when the tournament tees off on Thursday, they’ll all be chasing the guy currently wearing the green jacket – that’s Sergio Garcia, who after many near misses, finally got the crowd behind him and made the shots last year to slip on that green jacket on Sunday.

And as the tournament unfolds, we’ll take you behind the scenes and tell you about the legendary Masters food; the shopping; some of the best places on the course to watch the tournament and we’ll even speak with a weekend warrior who once got the chance to play Augusta National. Thanks for tuning in. This has been The Masters Life. I’m Mike Anthony.

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