Welcome home Wes Kean

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Several hundred people lined up to welcome home Wes Kean from the hospital. A moment tough for his family and friends to describe.

“It’s huge. He got burned bad 11 1/2 weeks ago. Lucky to survive,” said Wes’ brother-in-law Chris Blansit.

“Since 15 years old, loved him for a long time. I’ve got kids following him through his whole life racing and everything,” said Shannon Hamrick who was part of those who welcomed Wes home.

Nearly 3 months ago Kean was in an off-road racing accident where he suffered second and third-degree burns to 40 percent of his body.

I would say this is the first part of the hill. He’s not the finish line yet. But he will be. He’s not a great patient. The nurses that give it back to the nurses he likes. The ones that don’t give it back are the ones that don’t come back in the room usually,” said Blansit.

Since the accident, he spent over 11 weeks recovering and trying to heal at the Vanderbilt hospital.

Wes is getting out early it was supposed to be Friday. It was at Wes request and his progress that he’s getting to come home a few days early,” said Blansit.

After multiple surgeries Kean was released early from the hospital due to his work and recovery. He’s ecstatic to be home in time for Father’s Day.

“This is his little boy. West we’re proud of you buddy. Just keep working hard,” said Blansit.

For more information on where you can donate to help pay for medical bills, click here.

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