What Happens Now After Amendment One Passage

       The Amendment gives the state legislature virtually unlimited power to pass laws regulating the practice of abortions in Tennessee. Supporters say the amendment is aimed at returning some of the restrictions struck down by a 2000 court ruling. Those included a 48 hour waiting period and mandatory physician only counseling. But opponents believe the wording is too broad and could lead to far more restrictive measures.
       "It cannot outlaw abortion, that is a federal guaranteed right at this point and so you can’t outlaw that. So it says you ought to be able to regulate it," said Chattanooga State Senator "Bo" Watson
       "From a restriction standpoint, we have to be very careful that the legislation that is passed does not limit access for women in a way that is extremely dangerous to their health," argued Danielle Walker, with the Vote No On 1 campaign.
       Amendment One passed statewide by just over 70 thousand votes.
Hamilton County was one of just seven counties to vote against the measure.
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