What’s Right With Our Schools: Chattanooga Christian’s Learning Center

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – In the middle of the Chattanooga Christian campus sits a nearly 4,000 square foot, state of the art, learning facility.  It’s home to classrooms and simulated work and home environments.The Center provides highly individualized education programs for students with a wide variety of special needs.

It’s a shining example of “What’s Right with Our Schools”.

Shonda Caines is the Director of Exceptional Education at Chattanooga Christian.

She says, “We have a new population of students here this year, who we haven’t been able to serve previously, so that’s why this is really exciting. We’ve just expanded the breadth of the student that we can serve here at CCS.”

Kristina Williams is the Learning Center Coordinator.

She adds, “What’s different about here at Chattanooga Christian, at The Learning Center, is that we can really tailor our learning just for the individual student, and here we really can do whatever we want, whatever is most important for the student, their family and their individual growth.”

Shonda explains, “So this just allows us, the facility and the staff, the faculty and the therapist to be able to serve students who may need more than the typical population that we have served in the past. At The Learning Center we serve students from grades 6 through 12. It’s not really contingent on age, where we are looking at grade levels, because certain students are in their grades at different times. We use a lot of visual supports in these rooms, and we have all sorts of different activities for different levels of abilities, everything from activities that focus strictly on academics to activities that focus on the functions of daily living, self-care.”

Kristina adds, “It’s about the students and about what the students need. So this building, this room, it’s located right in the center of the campus, and right now during Covid we can’t really get out and do a lot of things, but when Covid is over we will be able to go out into the community of the campus, and the 10 different classes, and be a real partner of the community here.”

Shonda concludes, “Personally, I have a child who attends school here, and my two other children, my oldest and my youngest, who are both typically developing, are able to be students here at CCS, and so not only professionally, as this is incredibly profound, but also personally, for our family, we can see the impact that this has on other families, and their abilities to trust that their child’s needs are being met in an individual way and a really caring way, at a place that they will have their other children.



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