What’s Right With Our Schools: Ringgold’s Tiger Guard Drill Team

RINGGOLD, GA (WDEF) -The Tiger Guard Drill team continues to fill the trophy case at Ringgold High. The team overcame unprecedented challenges this year and made some History along the way.


Sgt. 1st Class Larry Sisemore says, ” (It’s been a)  Very difficult school year and stuff where the drill, we have dealt with kids in quarantine. We have dealt with kids having Covid.  I have had Covid. I was in the hospital with it. It has just been a tough year.

He continues, “We were Region Champions for this area, and also we had two State Championships. And squad exhibition was actually, it was actually the fifth year in a row. We are a five time State Champion.”


2nd Lt. Caleb Cranfield chips in, “It was pretty great.  It was astonishing. Now, that we have placed five years in a row it is pretty cool. I competed last year. Last year was my first year starting. So I have been doing it for two years now. And just to be able to place again it feels amazing.”

Sgt. Sisemore adds, “We’re actually having a shirt made that says dynasty. I think it’s pretty cool.”

2nd Lt. Katie Almond adds, ” Recently, I had another online competition for State. I got first place on my solo and third place on my dual. It is really exciting. I couldn’t do it without Sgt. of course and my drill coach Eric. I learned everything I know from them, so I have them to thank, really.”


Caleb beams, “We have progressed amazingly from when we started out with a nice group of kids, and we work through it, and a lot of them have graduated ,and we got a new batch of people, but we picked it up strong and even with the Covid and all the quarantining and stuff, but I mean it’s been good and we held up.”


Sgt. Sisemore concludes, “It has been rough, but the kids have been, I mean they pull through it. I mean we have had some out. We have one and a boot now that is coming out of the boot. We got one with a bad ankle. We got one with a bad shoulder. It’s just been, it’s just been a trying year but we have, we have done well I guess.”


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