What’s Right With Our Schools: CSLA Robotics Team

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – The World Series of Robotics is going on in Dallas, and a team from Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts is competing! Win or lose, it’s a great learning and networking opportunity.

Scott Rosenow is the Lead Robotic Trainer for Hamilton County Schools.

He explains, “May 3rd begins VEX World’s 2022; the largest robotics competition in the world recognized by Guinness World Book of Records. It’s a new venue for us this time. There are multiple programs and grade bands that will be competing across a 10 or 12 day period. I have middle school VEX IQ teams going. I have a high school VRC team going, and we are really excited about what we’re going to experience.”

He continues, “We went to our State Championship and all three of these teams won spots through that State Championship. We competed in several regional competitions across the state, and through one or more of those we won our spot at the State Championship.”

Nishta Sidella is an eighth grader at CSLA.

She says, “I think this would be a nice experience for our team, because we can meet people people from all around the world, and it would also give us a chance to look at other people’s ideas and designs.”

Eighth grader Sohan Punjani chips in, “There’s so many different countries there all around the world, and being able to talk with people and see what other people think about from around the world about the same competition that we’re doing here in Chattanooga.”


Mr. Rosenow adds, “The teams compete in multiple ways. In a teamwork challenge where they actually are working with another robot and their team, to score as many points as they can in a one minute time period. They also have a skills driving challenge where a single team with their robot, they drive using the rumble control. Trying to get as many points as they can in one minute. There’s also a skills programming challenge where they program the robot to work autonomously, following their command lines to score as many points as that they possibly can. So, we’re hoping to see some new some things that we haven’t seen here in Tennessee, even across the United States. We’re going to see some different, differences between our team and teams from other states; other parts of our country. So, it’ll be great for them to have that opportunity.



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