What’s Right With Our Schools: Howard High Gold Level Status

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – There was a party going on at Howard High School on Monday (3/7/22).

Dr. Leandrea Ware is the Executive Principal at Howard.

She exclaims, “Absolutely amazing! We are celebrating today because Howard has been selected as the, only high school in the state of Tennessee to receive the Gold Level Demonstration Model School Award from the state.”

Sandra Martinez is a Senior at Howard.

When asked about her school, Sandra says, “They give us opportunities. They allow me to take dual enrollment classes, so now I’ve done my first two years of  college math.”

Jamaal Macon Jr. is also a Senior at Howard.

He explains, “Howard’s a family. It”s getting you ready for life. When you go to a job, or you’re doing an interview, you can’t be late. You know you got to be on time everyday.  You got to be on time every day and that helped me understand it.”

Chandler Davenport teaches history at Howard.

Chandler says, “We have to have relationships with each other. For one, my students know that if they’re in my classroom, or not, my expectations are the same. And because they know i have relationships with most of their teachers, they know I will call and check up on them.”

Miller Foutch is an Educational Consultant with the Tennessee Tiered Support Center.

Miller says,  “Schools have to develop a framework for positive behavioral intervention or school climate, culture, and connectiveness, and they come through a workshop with our team. Howard came through over three years ago, and they really worked on a framework of what that would look like, in setting up consistent expectations for behavior.”

Amy Xiloj is the Student Body President at Howard.

Amy says, “Thanks to our teachers too, thanks to our social workers, I was able to be accepted to NYU, and I am so proud because of that.”

Dr. Ware adds, “Our students know what the expectations are. We have it posted all around campus, and we’re just very explicit about it. This is how we prepare ourselves to be productive in the real world once we leave Howard school.”

Miller explains, “It is the support and the hard work that you all have done in this building and in this community, that deserves this recognition. I’m just here to make sure that you all get the support and the recognition that you deserve.”



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