What’s Right With Our Schools: Howard High School Family Night

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – As the pandemic drags on, educators still have to adapt to make sure everyone is on the same page. Family  night returned in person to Howard High School this year, with a few modifications.

Dr. Leandrea Ware is the Executive Principal.

She exclaims, “Oh my goodness! There is so much excitement here at 2500 Market Street. We are having family nights. Our parents are coming in. They’re enjoying meeting with all their teachers; finding out the excellent work that their students are doing. Been a long time since we’ve been able to come together, so we’re excited about tonight.”

Pricella Townsend is a parent of a Howard student.

She remembers, “When I was in school, we didn’t have all that showing that they care, but now we have teachers showing that they care. They’re coming together,  even during Covid, we’re coming together, and they’re talking to us about our children, letting us know how our children are doing in their classrooms.”

Dr. Ware adds, “We didn’t want to let Covid stop this hustle. So, that’s why we decided we’re gonna bring the family night out onto the track; make sure we space out, and we just enjoy our families coming back together and enjoying the essence of being a hustling tiger. It is an amazing atmosphere, families are smiling enjoying one another again engaging with their teachers and just learning about what more can we do to collectively make sure our students excel here at Howard School.”

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