What’s Right With Our Schools: OLPH Helps the Chattanooga Community Kitchen

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – At Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Chattanooga, children learn 3 core values. They are to know, love and serve. Even the youngest students put those values in action.

Dr. Caroline Carlin is the Principal at OLPH.

She explains, “Today, we have invited the Chattanooga Community Kitchen which has been a partnership with our school over the last couple of years, and an opportunity for our students to be able to understand more about the work that the community kitchen does and learn ways that they can get involved. The project is grade specific from pre-K3 all the way through grade 8, and the first thing that we do is we start with a call with Miss King who is the coordinator at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen for volunteers.”

Trish King explains, “When we can make social issues age appropriate and involve children as early as possible, we are building understanding, potentially limiting, you know, perception, biases, misunderstandings stereotypes and things like that. It’s important for kids to know that there is no age requirement to make a difference. As young as you are, we can find a project for you that is going to help someone if not today it’s going to help them tomorrow.”

She continues, “At the holiday season I have the opportunity to help not only engage groups in meeting basic needs.  making hygiene kits and and sack bags that we are doing right now, but also to sort of add some normal or some holiday traditions for families that are in transition that are in our shelters or that are experiencing homelessness.”

First grader Arden Gentry understands.

She says, “Since they don’t have, since they don’t have money, they don’t have so much money that they need some stuff.”

Trish King explains, “So we are working on holiday treat bags. Just something that we will hand out while working on the most important needs, food and clothing and hygiene items shower items laundry things like that.”

Dr. Carlin concludes, “It’s important for us at OLPH to get our students involved earlier. One it is part of our mission, and it is part of our three core values to know love and serve, and this is helping them to see in real time the way that their actions can have a greater impact on a larger community.”



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