What’s Trending? Star Wars VIII, Vanity, & a Comcast Outage

An onslaught of unhappy Comcast customers took to Twitter, after the company saw services outages across the country Monday. The TV & Internet provider got a lot of negative attention online. One user demanded the company “get more employees and offer same-day help.” Customers in the Chattanooga area were among those impacted. In a statement issued at 2:00pm Monday, Comcast said it had fixed the problem and “almost all” services have been restored.

Singer and Actress Vanity died Monday after a long battle with kidney failure and abdominal disease. She was best known for working with Prince and as a member of the ’80s girl group Vanity 6. Vanity, who’s real name was Denise Matthews, also starred in the urban kung-fu classic “The Last Dragon” and “Action Jackson.” She was 57 years old.

Disney announced new cast members for the next big Star Wars movie, Episode VIII. They include Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro. The announcement followed the unveiling of the first shots from Episode VIII. Disney released a clip of Luke Skywalker and Rey, picking up where the last film left off. Episode VIII hits theaters in December 2017.

Uno is still number-one in the hearts of dog lovers. The beagle took top honors at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York in 2008. He’s still the most popular dog in Westminster history. He was back at Madison Square Garden last night to take a bow. No beagle had won the Westminster show until Uno. Tonight, this year’s top dog will be named.

A computer glitch led to a brief price war between two gas stations in northwest Ohio, allowing some drivers to fill their tanks for pennies per gallon. The computer malfunction dropped prices at one north Toledo gas station, and another across the street lowered its prices to stay competitive. Taylor Kline says he filled his empty tank for just 26 cents. The extra-low pricing lasted at least three hours before returning to normal.

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