What’s Trending? Urine Video, Richard Simmons, and Cracker Barrel Soda

An internet video has prompted outrage and disgust. A clip posted over the weekend showed a man urinating on the cereal assembly line at the Kellogg plant in Memphis. The company says the video was filmed in 2014. Now, the food and drug administration has opened a criminal investigation. Doctors say urine can carry diseases that can sicken anyone who consumes the product.

Richard Simmons says he wasn’t kidnapped. Friends voiced concerns over the weekend after Simmons, who hasn’t appeared in public for years, stopped returning calls. The fitness personality disappeared from public life two years ago, following knee replacement surgery. Simmons says he’s just been taking it easy and will comeback someday.

Testimony in the Hulk Hogan sex video trial is now in its second week and those looking for salacious details have had their appetite fed – and then some. An editor for Gawker was asked by a juror yesterday if she had sex with her bosses. Another editor described an editorial discussion about whether the video of Hogan having sex should show the wrestler’s privates. Hogan is suing Gawker Media for $100 million for posting the video of him having sex with his friend’s wife. He contends Gawker violated his privacy.

A soft drink invented 90-years ago finds its way to market. Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores plans to distribute Ale-8-One nationally. The ginger and citrus soft drink previously was only available in convenience stores… mainly in Kentucky.

Sony’s streaming TV service is spreading its wings – and the company hopes that will get people flying toward the idea of using PlayStation Vue. The service is being offered in new regions throughout the U.S. and the price for the newly added cities will begin at $30 a month. That’s $10 cheaper than current packages – but it won’t include local, over-the-air channels, like CBS.

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