A Wheelchair stolen from a special needs child has been found

CLEVELAND, Tenn (WDEF) -Over the weekend, a boy with special needs woke up to find his wheelchair stolen.

The wheelchair was on the front yard and customized to him.

“My wheelchair was taken and it was sitting right here,”says Preston Higdon.

The family was devastated by the loss, because it was the only wheelchair he had.

“It’s devastating that someone would steal from a special needs child. It obviously wasn’t something you could buy at a store,” says Samantha Burns, Preston’s mom.

But, little did this family know just a few miles from their home sat a happy ending.

Off a busy road in Cleveland sits a scrap yard and that scrap yard was holding something very special to one Mom.

In the scrap yard sat Preston’s Wheelchair, broken and torn apart.

Amanda Couch helped News 12 locate the wheelchair when she went searching for a new car seat this morning.

“I looked over , noticed a bassinet, was looking for a car seat. I seen the wheelchair and I told my mom ‘there’s that little boys wheelchair,” says Amanda Couch.

Couch says she’s glad she could help this family out.

But, seeing the wheelchair thrown out brought tears to this mom’s eyes.

“It really broke my heart, watching him just throw his wheelchair out like it was a piece of trash. That wheelchair meant everything to Preston,”says Burns.

After hours of watching surveillance footage, Cleveland police are continuing to investigate and look for a suspect.

Detectives on the case says happy endings like this don’t happen often.

“It’s not every day we get something that turns out like this. The outcome isn’t usually good but, it’s a whole lot better than I was hoping for,”says Stephen Warner, Cleveland Police Department.

Preston’s family reunited him this afternoon with what’s left of the wheelchair.

If you know anything about the stolen wheelchair, contact Cleveland Police.


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