Whitfield Co. debates stricter pet neutering law

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The Whitfield County Animal Shelter Director is asking for some help dealing with the high number of pets that need homes.

This, after Whitfield County Commissioners are discussing an ordinance for pet owners.

“Finding homes for twenty-five hundred animals a year is almost impossible. And our goal is to keep our euthanasia rate as low as we possibly can.”

A new ordinance requiring pet owners to spay and neuter their dogs and cats, or pay for a breeders license is being considered by the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners.

Chairman Lynn Laughter won’t say how she’s planning to vote when the ordinance comes before the board on March 11th, but she did say this:

“I think it’s a good ordinance and I think one of the reasons we send so many animals to rescues up north and the mid-west is because they have good spay and neuter laws and they need animals.”

The ordinance is modeled after one in Macon/Bibb County Georgia.

“The Macon City/Bibb County is the only community in Georgia that I’ve found, that had this ordinance. I called them and they’ve actually instituted this ordinance in their community. And they said slowly but surely, it’s going to work.”

Chairman Laughter says that the Animal Shelter is only licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture for 40 animals. But they may soon be able to expand.

“We have a SPLOST vote coming up on March 19th, and we’ve got about a million and a half dollars I think in that to try to upgrade our facilities so we can hold more animals.”

But, for now, Whitfield county residents are facing the possibility of having to get their animals…not just the ones at the shekter…spayed and neutered.
The maximum fee for breeders would be $400.

In Whitfield County, Ashley Henderson, News 12 Now.

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