Whitfield County firefighters get COVID-19 Vaccine

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia- Front line workers and emergency responders continue to get the first dose of the vaccine as phase one of the COVID-19 vaccinations continues.

Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O’Brien just received his vaccination Tuesday morning.

He said he and around 30 other Whitfield County firefighters elected to get the vaccine during this first wave.

Chief O’Brien said getting the vaccine is important because it helps protect them when they are protecting others.

“It is our first step to truly taking care of this beyond the personal protective equipment which is the mass gloves and gowns we wear. The thing that has to be done, we’ve got to take the next step as communities look further beyond the items we wear our washer clean, we got to get to this vaccination step to really make a difference in this,” said O’Brien.

He said he is feeling fine and has no pain from the shot.

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