Whitfield County Investigators Ask For Help As Unidentifiable Victim Found Dead After Being Hit By A Train

DALTON, GA, (WDEF)-Investigators say the man ran in front of a Norfolk Southern train at 10.30 Monday night off South Dug Gap Road.

The man was found under the train wearing blue jeans, a blue Nike t-shirt and Nike tennis shoes and a monster energy drink hat.

Investigators so they do not know who the man was as he had no form of identification on him at the time and it is possible he’s from a neighboring county.

Sheriff Chitwood,"What we are doing right now is just looking through our missing person’s report, we will contact the surrounding county’s police departments to see if there’s anything close to matching the description"

Investigators are trying to piece together what led to the incident and say someone must have information as to where this man is from and how he go to on the rail line late last night.

Sheriff Chitwood,"It appears to be a white male maybe in his mid 20s"

They added he has short hair and a trimmed beard with a goatee.

The train’s conductor and another witness told investigators the train was traveling at 40mph when the collision happened.

This is the second major train death in North Georgia in recent months.

Local psychologists say males often in their mid 20’s chose suicide  due to societal pressures.

Laura Berrier, Tennessee Community Counseling, "In our culture we expect success out of someone in their mid 20s and often times people compare themselves to other people their age and measure up"

 Berrier says it can be very trying on the drivers of the trains who feel helpless to stop the engines in time.

"You know certain people could develop problems and post traumatic stress anytime a person witnesses the death of another person"

The victim’s body has been transported to a crime lab for an autopsy

Whitfield County Sheriff’s office ask that anyone with any information to come forward.

They can be contacted at 706-278-3029.

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