Whitfield County man accused of rape and child molestation: Victim pregnant

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia(WDEF) – A Whitfield County man who already on probation is facing serious criminal charges after authorities say he got a 15-year old girl pregnant.

Joseph Brock, 36, of Whitfield County is facing one count of aggravated child molestation and statutory rape of a nearby neighbor who is only a teenager.

According to the arrest report, the case against Brock began when a 16-year old was taken to a local hospital by her parents. Doctors reportedly told the parents the girl was 5-months pregnant which meant she was impregnated when she was only 15.

The girl reportedly told her parents Brock was responsible. According to the arrest report, the alleged crime was committed inside Brock’s home.

Children’s Advocacy executive director, Shelley McGraw told WDEF  the dynamics of investigating this type of alleged crime changes when the crime results in a pregnancy.

"The DNA from the child; after the baby is born could in fact determine paternity. So that does give more evidence as to who in fact is the suspect," McGraw said.

It’s unclear if the alleged victim was forced to have sex or was coerced into it. Either way, Brock is facing a serious allegation of   getting a child pregnant.

"When you’re dealing with teens and adolescents who may be sexually active; not only with their peers but they may be coerced into sexually active  with an older adult, then the circumstances often can rise and that may lead to a pregnancy situation," Mcgraw said.

Abortion as a result of rape has often been a touchy subject and the age of consent to have an abortion varies from state to state. That’s why experts are very careful about how they present those options.

"We don’t council one way or another about what a family should do if they find themselves in that kind of situation; making sure that both the parent and the child who is pregnant knows all of their options; knowing what’s the best thing for that family to do moving forward," McGraw said.

Brock remains in the Whitfield County jail without bond.

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