Whitfield County masks

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia- Whitfield County Commissioners stopped short of issuing a mask mandate but, have are now officially recommending masks be worn.

Commissioner Chairman Lynn Laughter has been trying to get a mask mandate vote to pass since august.

She said the motion did not carry after numerous people from Whitfield County objected to the mandate saying it was taking away their rights.

With cases still on the rise, She says now after four months the commissioners have voted to approve an official recommendation to wear masks as well as require masks inside all county owned buildings.

She said she’s disappointed that wearing a mask has become a political rather than medical.

“It shouldn’t be a political issue, its a health issue.I think that our leadership from the top down has demonstrated for us that wearing a mask is important regardless of what the medical community says.”

Laughter said she does agree with other commissioners who say enforcing a mask mandate would be almost impossible.

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