Whitfield County PrepareAthon Aims To Keep Families and Communities Safe In Extreme Weather

DALTON, GA,(WDEF)-Ice, snow storms, flash floods and tornadoes can wreak extreme havoc if you and your family are not prepared.

Claude Craig, Emergency Services Director at Whitfield County, GA,"A recent FEMA survey revealed that nearly 70% of those surveyed have not practiced what to do in an emergency or a disaster in the past two years, extreme weather events have increased in the past 50 years".

The PrepareAthon held Monday at Dalton fire department aims to make Whitfield County safer when extreme weather strikes.

The event brings weather and rescue experts together as part of a 3 month campaign of  preparedness.

Gary Kelley, Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Homeland Security, "I encourage all Georgians to identify the hazards most common in their community, we also encourage you to visit our ready Georgia website to stay informed about potential threats."

 News 12’s chief meteorologist Patrick Core also spoke at the event highlighting the role social media can play in extreme weather situations.

Meteorologist Patrick Core,"Different apps that you can go ahead and download to prepare yourself for these disaster and severe weather events, the Ready Georgia smart phone app and the Red Cross tornado app."

Speakers from the PrepareAthon campaign will be visiting churches and schools throughout North Georgia in February and March.

They will be taking questions and demonstrating tornado safety techniques.

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