Whitwell Library Director Indicted for Theft

WHITWELL, Tennessee (WDEF) – An audit by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has led to the indictment of another public official.

The Marion County Grand Jury has indicted Marilyn Frazier for theft.

She ran the Orena Humphreys Public Library in Whitwell.

Comptroller investigators discovered that $3,680 disappeared from the library over an 18-month period.

That included donations and reimbursements that were never deposited in the library checking accounts.

The Comptroller’s Office also is questioning more than two thousand dollars spent by the library, including cash withdrawals, donations, employee reimbursements, gas money, and purchases without documentation.

Investigators doubt that all of them are legitimate.

“This investigation has revealed many deficiencies in the operations of the Orena Humphreys Library,” said Comptroller Justin P. Wilson.

“Most notably, the library operated with little management oversight, and the library did not have a policy governing how money was to be collected and spent.”

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