What will the new Volkswagen look like in 2025?

WOLFSBURG, Germany (WDEF) – Volkswagen summoned mangers from across the world to Germany last week for a closed-door look at the new vision laid out by new CEO Matthias Müller.

On Wednesday, Forbes is comparing his 2025 plan to the 2018 Strategy from past CEO Martin Winterkorn.

He laid out the goal in 2007 to top Toyota in worldwide sales and profits by 2018.

Volkswagen just may top Toyota this year in unit sales, but the profits are far behind their competitors, mainly because the Japanese require far fewer workers to produce their vehicles.

At any rate, by the time 2018 arrives, VW will have shifted gears to the new, Muller plan.

Forbes auto writer, Bertel Schmitt, talked to sources at the meeting who call the new plan both obvious and fanciful.

Among the goals, going electric, lowering car costs, connected vehicles and transforming the Volkswagen into a “Mobility” company.

Electric cars would be a shift away from diesel engines, but Schmitt’s sources say they are only talking about a limited number of hybrids in the short term.

The big vision comes from the digital team.

It has already begun with a major investment last week in a ride-sharing rival of Uber.

But the digital team’s vision includes a take-down of Apple, instead of Toyota.

Schmitt’s contacts don’t think Apple has much to worry about.

Their “vision” is that a VW car will be able to do what your smartphone can already do, while driving you places.

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