Wind Damage Aftermath in Decatur

“Last night about 12:45 we received a call through 9-1-1 dispatch that we had a mobile home that had overturned and possibly some people inside.”, says Emergency Service Director of Meigs County Tony Finnell.

Fire and rescue services were quick, responding to the scene in just minutes. Assessing the situation.

“They found that the two victims had already been rescued and was sitting in a nearby home by some neighbors.”, according to Finnell.

So who was able to rescue these victims?

“These gentlemen were actually thrown out of the mobile homes and able to self rescue themselves.”

The aftermath of the powerful storm and gusting winds not only destroyed a mobile home on Sunday night but a lawnmower was found sitting on top of a vehicle.

Considering the level of damage to their home, Finnell says the victims are lucky to only have minor injuries with no broken bones.

“They was somewhat bruised with a few lacerations where they had been in this mobile home. ”

That along with reported back and neck pain, they would soon be released from the hospital.

He says mobile homes are vulnerable against weather of this magnitude.

“Portable buildings and outdoor structures, utility sheds and then this mobile home you know this is prime real estate for wind or something like this to become damaged.”

But overall, he is thankful for the community’s helping hand.

“I appreciate the concerns of the communities around us. It’s just an isolated event. Everything went well. and we appreciate the community’s support and that neighborhood to take care of these gentlemen.”

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