Witness Refuses to Testify in Cortez Sims Murder Trial

Cortez Sims was the shooter!–according to testimony from two people who were at College Hill Courts that day in January 2015.
But neither one of them said that, as the murder trial of the young gang member went into its second day.
One of those witnesses is dead..and the other refused to testify.
Nineteen year old Cortez Sims is on trial for the shooting death of Talitha Bowman , and the shooting of Zoe Horton, the infant daughter of Bianca Horton.
The mother, Bianca, told a juvenile court judge last year that Cortez was the shooter. But she was gunned-down and killed in May of 2016.
The other witness, Marcel “Baby Watts” Christopher, was seriously wounded in the College Hill shooting, but he is refusing to testify in this trial.

VOICE OF JUDGE BARRY STEELMAN “..the court orders you to be….(Christopher)…I can’t do that sir…I’m tellin you…I don’t know nothing ….you go on and send me, sir, I’m a felon…I’m already getting 8 years sir…I ‘m being real with you.”

The judge found Christopher in contempt of court, and prosecutors later played an audio of Christopher as he told the juvenile court last year that Sims was the person who shot him and killed Bowman.
Christopher was charged in February with a firearms violation and is already in jail .

The College Hill courts shooting, according to prosecutors, was the latest in a series retaliatory attacks by members of two Bloods gangs.
Sims was with the Athens Park Bloods, Christopher was a Bounty Hunter Blood. .
Testimony today Indicated that the murder of Talitha Bowman and the shooting of Christopher and the infant , followed a number of incidents in which validated gang members were shot, or did the shooting.

OFFICER JEREMY WINDBUSH, CPD GANG INVESTIGATOR ( IN:00:02:17) “In addition to, uh, anonymous callers and witnesses..confidential informants and other policed officers within the city of Chattanooga uh..it was commonly posted on or made public on social media sites such as facebook uh, and due to some violence that occurred between validated members of these gangs ..recognized and picked up on a particular trend which was right in line with what we’ve been hearing about that was going on.”

The trial continues Friday in Judge Barry Steelman’s court.

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