Woman Shares Near Kidnapping Story

OOTLEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF)- Desiree Oliver tells News 12 that she was a possible victim of kidnapping after experiencing a terrifying incident at an Ootlewah gas station.

 “I was driving home from work” says Oliver.

 Oliver says she pulled up to a pump a local gas station that she frequents and began chatting on the phone with her friend.

 “I was telling her I was about to get off the phone and go in the store when a man approached me at my car.”

 Oliver says she turned the man away who began acting suspicious.

 She stayed on FaceTime with her friend for reassurance.

 “He went to the diesel pump at the end. In his black minivan we noticed a passenger in the car. The man never got back in his car. He just started pacing around the parking lot.”

 Oliver did not leave the gas station in fear of being followed.

 Luckily, she noticed her cousin was in the parking lot and flagged him down.

 Oliver’s cousin advised her to walk into the store and warn the employees.

 “I got out the car. I ran in and when I was running an older white man from the van was approaching me and telling me not to run.”

 After notifying the cashier of the situation, Oliver’s cousin approached the men in the minivan.

 “I don’t know what they talked about. I did hear my cousin say what was the problem before the man drove off.”

 While Oliver may have avoided a dangerous situation, she wants to offer advice to other women.

 “If you’re a young female or any woman, do not go out in public alone unless you have to. Always be aware of your surroundings. Have your phone. Pay attention to what your doing because it could save your live.”

 Oliver says she filed a report with the Chattanooga police department

 She told News 12 that after authorities reviewed the stores parking lot footage, she was informed that the three men approach multiple vehicles during her time there.

 Oliver also says CPD believes the men were searching for money and not attempting to kidnap anyone but they cannot confirm that at this time.


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