Woodstation Elementary’s Julia Houston inspires students to better things

Every teacher hopes to instill in their students a love for learning.

But at Woodstation Elementary one special teacher goes a step further.

She’s inspiring the next generation of educators.

Julia Houston is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Teacher Julia Houston reads from Horton Hears a Who, "And the young kangaroo in her pouch said ‘me too.’"

This treat from Dr. Seuss is part of a reading lesson in Ms. Houston’s classroom.

Her students react, "He’s got ears about two feet tall."

The 21 year veteran teacher has taught kids from kindergarten through 5th grade, but says 2nd grade is where she belongs, "They’re just on the cusp of learning how to read and they’re a lot of fun to teach."

Her kids say thanks to Ms. Houston’s enthusiasm and patience they strive to learn their best.

2nd grader Kayle Cumbee reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "You always encourage me to do my best and to shine while doing it."

Kaylor says Ms. Houston’s lessons are fun and often funny… And they help the whole class enjoy school, "They’re all like raising their hands and they all shout it out loud and they all say she’s fun and they all laugh at her jokes like me."

Kaylor says because of Ms. Houston she wants to write a book someday… And maybe even be a teacher.

Ms. Houston says that’s part of why she loves helping children learn, "Just to see them feel good about themselves is wonderful."

Houston says they grow and develop every day… And watching them aspire to bigger and better things is the biggest reward, "That’s just probably the biggest thank you that any child could give you."

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