Work on Signal Mountain Blvd to begin this week

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WDEF) – The instability of portions of Signal Mountain Boulevard may be worse that first thought.

TDOT responded to a request from two state lawmakers to take another look, and roadwork will begin this week.

State Representative Patsy Hazelwood spoke at a press conference today. She said, “This is an emergency repair, but the way that it’s being repaired, it’s a permanent fix, and it’ll be part of the long term project, that is still in the design stages, for the road up the mountain, the whole three miles from Suck Creek up to the top of the mountain.”

Representative Hazlewood and Senator Bo Watson last month asked TDOT for a new assessment of the roadway.

An extensive repair was scheduled down the road, but the work is now set to start this week.

Geotechnical engineers have been studying the problems.

“If you’ve driven the road, you’ll see the cracks in the pavement, so the project contractor is called GSI, uh, they have a technology of soil nailing where they will take soil nails, or actually long rods, and drive them into the, into the rock there, uh, and then they’ll put a retaining wall on the side of that,” says Joe Deering, Assistant Chief Engineer with TDOT Region 2.

TDOT knows that work will be a challenge for Signal Mountain drivers.

Senator Bo Watson says, “They understand the inconvenience that it’s going to be causing to the citizens that use the roadway, but they also appreciate, and I think the citizens understand that this will make for a better passage up and down Signal Mountain, both in the near term, and in the end really will tie in well to our long term solution for the road.”

A steel re-inforced concrete wall will be built to form a retaining structure along the roadway.

TDOT contract crews will begin work on the section of Signal Mountain Boulevard on Thursday, and it will be narrowed down to one lane for approximately 8 weeks.



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