World War II B-17 Flies over Chattanooga

        93-year-old Veteran Jack Rolfson looks on with excitement, seeing the same model aircraft he flew in a dangerous mission in World War II.
        "That was some airplane. It sure took a lot of punishment.  We came home with flack holes and all sorts of holes in the airplane," said Rolfson.
        The bomber was built at the end of the war, so never saw combat keeping it in mint condition.
        It is the same B-17 used in the Movie Memphis Belle, painted to look exactly like the bomber         that was the first B-17 to complete 25 missions. 
        Taking a ride in it is the closest thing to experiencing what life was like for Jack and many other World War II Veterans
        WDEF News 12 was allowed to fly in the plane and walk around during flight.
        The ride for airmen like Jack wasn’t as enjoyable during the war.
        There were about 10 men to a plane at 25 to 30 thousand feet, exposed to negative 30 to 60 degree temperature for up to 10 hours at a time.
        You land in the aircraft with an adrenaline rush, and a sense of gratefulness for people like Jack.

        Flights to the public will be offered Sunday, October 27th at the Collegedale Municipal Airport.
They cost $450 which goes towards operation of the B-17.
Members of the public can tour the plane on the ground for free.

For information on the flights, call or email Scott Maher:
(981) 340-0243

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