WRWOS: Construction Career Academy

The program that teaches what students need to know in the Construction industry

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – “You want the paper ring to face down so you put that on like that.”

Gerald Harris: “I think for the community and the students, this school this partnership with Hamilton County, Chattanooga State, Associated General Contractors and all the other various partners with the statement with the uh with the county, has come together with this brand new idea to provide some opportunities for kids in the construction field.”

Teacher Ricky Hardaway: “The trades is advancing to get that solid foundation. And basically what we do here and we expose them to all the craft. So that way they can choose their passion.”

Ludi Cruz from East Ridge High: “I know that working in construction will get me a lot of money. Not only because of work, but you know it helps the community. It opens you up.”

GERALD: “This opportunity is really good for our students because it gives them a window into construction with with construction and especially the demand of construction right now.”

JASON HERRERA from Howard: “This program here, it teaches you a lot about the trade business and how you can do all sorts of jobs. Once you get out of high school they can get you a job which is like one of the best things you could have.”

GERALD: “When you look at the salaries and when you look at kids having an opportunity to not only learn the trade, but to go into the business. But also to be able to have those skill sets. So that you have some kind of direction in your life in regards to what you want to do.”

JASON: “Here we’re hands-on. We’re always hands-on doing some type of work. And which is very nice and you know. I would love to be in the trade you know coming out of this this program.”

GERALD: “Of course you know we talk about college and we talk about going to college. But then again you know of course with student loans and so forth and so on it’s really really good for our kids to have an opportunity to be a part of something that’s going to be special.”

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