WWII B-17 Flights In Chattanooga

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The United States built more than 12-thousand B-17 bombers during world war two.

The famed Flying Fortress earned its reputation as one of the most durable and reliable weapons of the war. There are only 9 still flying, and some Chattanoogans got a ride this afternoon.

One of them was News 12 Photographer Ashley Henderson….and here’s what he saw.

“It’s a challenge. Uh, the, the most important thing though is to keep the history going, for all the men that did fly in these that fought for us. So people can experience the ride, I mean it’s just, every time we fly we talk about, like, you know, how cool is this: we’re flying a B17, and it was these 19 year olds who went to war in these, um, no questions asked, knowing that they’re probably not going to come back. Because more or less 50% of them, you know, for the people that went out, aircraft did not come back because they were shot down, so – It’s just being uh, putting yourself and trying to imagine yourself in their place. It’s just uh, it’s a great feeling.”

Flights are available to the public Sat 9/30 & Sun 10/1.

More info at smaher@libertyfoundation.org.

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